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Thanks fer noticin’

We’ve been flattered by the press coverage our ride has received since we got back.  My regret is that they don’t mention the Ride Against Child Abuse or the good work done by the folks at the Family Support & Treatment Center.  That’s my fault though, not theirs.  I’ve done a poor job of making contact with the people in the press before they run their stories.  Anyway, here are links to the various stories we’ve seen.

KSL.com — 6 Utahns ride motorcycles across Lower 48 in 10 days

Daily Herarld —  From SaddleSore 1000 to Bun Burner 1500, Pleasant Grove man bikes 48 states in 10 days

KUTV News — Utah “Iron Butt” Group Completes Journey Few Others Will Take


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