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Day 10 – The Big Finish!

Last night, as we were having a delicious pizza in Belgrade, we got word that Andy (who, along with Jared and Marc was a couple of hours behind us) was having trouble with his bike.  It was sputtering at higher speeds.  They were going to put some carb cleaner through it and see what happened.  Before we turned in, I noticed that he had arrived and I thought things had worked out.  This morning I found that was not so.

Everything was fine to start with, but after a few minutes running the bike would begin to sputter again.  Long story short, we limped in to Missoula a little after 10:00 this morning and found a Honda dealer.  They diagnosed a clogged fuel filter (it was nasty) and replaced.  The bike ran like a top the rest of the day, but we were a couple of hours behind leaving Missoula.

The ride from Lolo to Clarkston was everything we expected — just spectacular.  About 130 miles along the Lochsa and Clearwater rivers, winding roads and little traffic.  It could not have been better.  When we reached Clarkston,WA we had a little pow wow and decided to cut over to Pendleton to get our 48th state.  It was kind of a heated discussion, but in the end I think we made a wise choice to get in a couple of hours earlier.  We’ll have a bit longer ride home than if we had finished in Ontario, but we have finished this thing alive and well, and we’ll be rested for tomorrows return.

I’m anxious to get started posting some pictures and adding details of each day’s journey.  Right now, though, I’m mostly happy to be going to sleep, so I’ll do that.  Hopefully more tomorrow.

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