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Marc’s Day 7 Recap — My Kind of Town!

(By Marc Menlove): Erie to Waterloo Who would have thought that southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois would be so amazing.  The rolling hills, farm houses, barns, and dairy cows were breathtaking. It makes you want to up root the family to a small town and live a simple life with far less worries and more time with family and doing the things that are truly important.   As we came off the smaller road out of the country …Read More

Day 7 — The stomach wins out over the brain.

Today should’ve been a relatively easy day, starting from Erie, Pennsylvania and ending up in Waterloo Iowa. We started out well enough, and really everything went quite well. We were ahead of schedule rolling into Chicago. Then, my desire for some Chicago pizza overwhelmed my knowledge of my need for sleep. Most of us went downtown for Giordano’s (Steve was sensible and kept going).  Seeing Chicago from the bike and riding …Read More

Steve’s Day 6 Recap – Beautiful New England

Jared asked Steve Peacock to write up the Day 6 Recap: Today we started our ride with a different ‘feel’ concerning what we have been and are doing.  So far we have spent half the time of the ride and traveled over half of the distance – over 4,800 miles of an expected 6,600 miles.  We have struggled through the adjustment to the long days in the saddle.  We have handled the pressures of being …Read More

Day 6 – A Day of Rest

Today was a light day; only about 550 miles.  We spent the first part of the day on two lane roads through New Hampshire and Vermont.  It was glorious.  We didn’t “make good time” and it felt good!  After a few hours, though, I started to worry that we were burning daylight.  Still, it was great to stop at a small roadside store and buy some maple syrup, and at …Read More

Jared’s Day 5 Recap — The Halfway Point!

A bunch of video recaps of Day 5 from Baltimore to New Hampshire. That includes New York City which was awesome and crazy, especially in a Goldwing. I particularly loved Maine and New Hampshire and look forward to coming back there and riding one year in the fall. Spirits are high especially since the ride day was shorter today and tomorrow. It’s all heading west from here on out! Check …Read More

Day 5 – New York State of Mind

I had no idea it would be so difficult to keep up a blog while undertaking this ride.  The ride itself has been all we can handle!  Today was a shorter riding day, but we chewed up a lot of time in Manhattan.  Well worth it.  Cami really enjoyed it, but I think we all had a good time trying to maneuver our big touring bikes through those crowded, busy …Read More

Jared’s Day 4 Recap — The Reunion

SEE WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW. CLICK HERE: Two Important things learned from our ride on Day 4:  One, there is power in numbers and two, GOD created the Western area of Virginia for motorcycle riders. Jared and I left Rock Hill, NC early Friday morning as planned knowing the Steve, Marc and Grant were 2.5 hours behind us in Atlanta where they slept the night before.  All of the …Read More

Day 4 – Back on Track

After four days we are again sleeping the hotel we reserved before the trip started.  That’s great news!  It’s still late, and another early start tomorrow, so this will be brief.  We left Georgia this morning and hit South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland.  Remember to check out Jared’s blog.  He’s doing a much better job than I.  48states10days.blogspot.com

Andy’s Day 3 Recap

I asked Andy Eberhardt to take the reins for the Day 3 blog. Enjoy: Jared asked me (Andy) to jot a few things down before I went to bed this evening. It’s 2:30am in Flat Rock, NC. We’ve been behind the clock all day today as a result playing catch up since separating from Marc, Steve and Grant the night before in Arkansas. It’s hard that we are not all …Read More

Day 3 — This ride is tough!

Well, it’s tougher than I figured getting posts done each day.  We are still a little behind schedule.  We stopped for the night just beyond Atlanta.  We’re hitting the hay and hopping for a little extra sleep tonight.  Jared and Andy are on pace, spending the night in Flat Rock, NC.  Today we rode through the rest of Arkansas, then Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, dipped our toe into Florida and into …Read More