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Here we go again!

It has been four years since we completed our first 48/10.  Yes, I said, “first,” and yes, that means we’re doing another one.  In the coming weeks and days I’ll try to get posts up about the riders who will be joining the ride this year.  For now, how about a little teaser of our planned itinerary. Day 1 – St. George, UT to Clayton, NM; 1,121 miles Day 2 …Read More

Thanks fer noticin’

We’ve been flattered by the press coverage our ride has received since we got back.  My regret is that they don’t mention the Ride Against Child Abuse or the good work done by the folks at the Family Support & Treatment Center.  That’s my fault though, not theirs.  I’ve done a poor job of making contact with the people in the press before they run their stories.  Anyway, here are …Read More

Day 2 (extended version) – Playing Catch-Up, and Losing

Something I’m reluctant to put in print is the nickname Doc gave me when I was “initiated” into the Bar-T Riders a few years ago.  Evidently, I have a tendency to need an extra minute or so when everyone else is ready to go.  As a result, “Fiddle Fart” has stuck.  :/  On this trip I really wanted to try to live that name down.  So I wasn’t thrilled when, …Read More

Day 1 (Extended Version) – Elkaholics Anonymous

From the time Doc first proposed this ride, I was on the fence about going.  I knew it would be an incomparable adventure and an experience I would not likely duplicate in my lifetime.  On the other hand, my first choice for a two week motorcycle ride would not include 7,000 miles of interstate or skipping past the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Tail of the Dragon, the Ozarks, the Black …Read More

Day 10 – The Big Finish!

Last night, as we were having a delicious pizza in Belgrade, we got word that Andy (who, along with Jared and Marc was a couple of hours behind us) was having trouble with his bike.  It was sputtering at higher speeds.  They were going to put some carb cleaner through it and see what happened.  Before we turned in, I noticed that he had arrived and I thought things had …Read More

Jared’s Day 9 Recap — The Mountain West

It was very apparent that we entered the west today. The plains of South Dakota changed into rolling hills and trees. We entered a small town called Aladdin WY, population 15 and, just in case you were wondering, the entire town is for sale. It is all old school, old gas pumps, old store, old folks.       The drive to Devils Tower was phenomenal and one of my …Read More

Day 9 – Big Sky Country

I can’t wait to get you some pictures of this day.  This part of the world DOES lend itself to photography, though the medium remain inadequate to capture its grandeur.  One of my favorite parts of the day was to move into cattle country in South Dakota.  The cows, with their calves at their sides, looked anxiously (as I did) to the east as the sun rose with the promised …Read More

Day 8 – The breadbasket

The morning started in Waterloo, IA with the sun at our backs and ended in Aberdeen, SD with the sun in our eyes.  It was good to get in a little earlier.  I’ll have a few pictures to post of this part of the ride but, frankly, the beauty of this part of the country does not lend well to photographs.  It is vast.  Pixels are wholly inadequate to capture …Read More