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Day 8 – The breadbasket

The morning started in Waterloo, IA with the sun at our backs and ended in Aberdeen, SD with the sun in our eyes.  It was good to get in a little earlier.  I’ll have a few pictures to post of this part of the ride but, frankly, the beauty of this part of the country does not lend well to photographs.  It is vast.  Pixels are wholly inadequate to capture it.   The miles of fields we traversed are just now welcoming the first green shoots that in a matter of months will be towering stalks of corn.  As we headed north, corn gave way to wheat.

The most stunning thing about today was the amount of water between the freeway and Aberdeen.  The highway was basically a causeway across miles of lakes.  I would not have guessed that, and I still don’t know if that’s a permanent condition or something temporary related to agricultural irrigation.

We just touched our toes in each of Nebraska, North Dakota, and Minnesota, yet each gave us a glimpse of great people.  The construction worker in South Sioux City who took a minute to check out Andy’s bike; the convenience store clerk in North Dakota who posed for pictures on that same bike, and the woman in Minnesota who too the time to stop and let me know that the pump I was standing in front of wasn’t working because that particular convenience store had been closed down for a couple of months.

More later.  Good night.

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