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Marc’s Day 7 Recap — My Kind of Town!

(By Marc Menlove): Erie to Waterloo

Who would have thought that southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois would be so amazing.  The rolling hills, farm houses, barns, and dairy cows were breathtaking. It makes you want to up root the family to a small town and live a simple life with far less worries and more time with family and doing the things that are truly important.   As we came off the smaller road out of the country and into Dubuque we crossed the Mississippi river headed west.   As we rolled through town I could smell baked goods baking somewhere.

We have been heading west now for two days and the thoughts of getting home to see badly missed family are looming.  The miles are getting shooter and easier as time goes by.

Our country is truly diverse and exciting.  I have found many places off and on the beaten path that I would love to bring my family back someday to explore.  Suddenly the vacation hotspots seem dull as there are so many places in our very own country left unexplored.

We’re on our way 2 more days!

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