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Day 7 — The stomach wins out over the brain.

Today should’ve been a relatively easy day, starting from Erie, Pennsylvania and ending up in Waterloo Iowa. We started out well enough, and really everything went quite well. We were ahead of schedule rolling into Chicago. Then, my desire for some Chicago pizza overwhelmed my knowledge of my need for sleep. Most of us went downtown for Giordano’s (Steve was sensible and kept going).  Seeing Chicago from the bike and riding through those streets was a good idea.  Even stopping at Giordano’s was a good idea.  Staying when they told us it would take 45 minutes to prepare the pizza we ordered, was not a good idea.  Staying when our salads took forever to arrive (suggesting our server failed to put in our order) was an even worse idea.  The pizza was delicious but we didn’t get out of there until 4:00.   That put us in much heavier traffic leaving town.  Combined with the road construction, we were well behind schedule by the time we got out of town. Nevertheless, we arrived safely in Waterloo.  Today we visited Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and ended in Iowa.  We have some great pictures of Chicago that I’ll post later.  For now, I’d better get some of that sleep I’m missing out on because of the pizza.

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